Development of a decision support platform


Presentation of the tool:

Trimane Open Analytics ™ (TOA) is a business intelligence platform that aims to democratize business intelligence and enable companies with limited IT resources to have a reliable solution.

TOA is a solution that completely hides the complexity of business intelligence from users and administrators.

All business intelligence is built into the solution.

Your mission

The objective of the internship is to stabilize the current version of TOA, to contribute to the evolutions of the tool and to bring intelligence in the various graphic possibilities offered to the end user.

Throughout your internship you will have to perform the following tasks:

– Deliver the functional requirement of the application

– Engage and execute the necessary corrections to have a stable version of the application

– Offer a solution for the automatic choice of a data representation by analyzing the data selected by users

– Design the new proposed solution

– Develop the proposal and integrate it into the existing

– Implement unit tests and integration tests

– Perform presentations and demonstrations to the various Trimane interlocutors